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How To Do SEO Competitor Analysis – A Step By Step Guide!

The competitive environment is the primary guide for any strategy you use in marketing while operating your business functions. Competitor Analysis in Search Engine Optimization or SEO is considered one of the most vital aspects to work for your marketing strategy.

The tactic is also included in the SEO site audit services. It helps you understand the capacity of your SEO against any other businesses working under your niche and how you can enhance your current ranking in the market.

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Consequently, the excellent competitor analysis is considered to analyze a few keywords and backlinks. It is hugely more profound as it offers you some valuable insight on leveraging and helping you to match and outdo your competitors.

You must conduct this analysis regularly to alter your strategy to check the market trends today!

Luckily, the post includes a guide including five steps to aid in accomplishing effectively about SEO competitor analysis that allows you to rank high in the SEO game:

How To Do SEO Competitor Analysis

How To Do SEO Competitor Analysis

1. Know Your Competitors

Primarily, you have to discover the most pertinent competitors; however, not all who wish to rank high in your competitor list, conducting thorough and accurate research to find out whom you should consider under your competitor analysis. You need not waste your energy, time, and resources analyzing those who are not making much difference. 

Therefore, select the top competitors by performing SEO research and comparing the main keywords to take note of the leading businesses in both regions. Also, use the online tools available to get the step done by hiring an accomplished and reputable SEO Company that can properly guide you.

2. Analysis of the Ranking Factor

The other step involves understanding the factors that help make your competitors rank higher. Check the main performing pages, keywords, backlinks, and related factors to help rank and determine the features that help them level. 

You can quickly check these sites and identify the gaps on your own. The primary aim is to determine the reason behind their ranking whenever you are not.

Always use your online competitor analysis tools to have the best features to check the content gap and other ranking gaps present whenever you are not working with any agency.

For instance, you can utilize it for identifying the keywords ranking across the competitor’s sites. While discovering the keywords relevant to you, locate a manner to incorporate them effectively into your site, allowing you to attract traffic on your site and away from your competitor’s site.

Identically, analyze the competitors’ backlinks by adequately identifying the sites linking them back into the areas and how it impacts their domain authority. Whenever you are getting hold of the insights, using a similar strategy while creating the backlinks is effective. A few insights should help you get the backlink analysis done since they contain authority towards the linked sites, the links’ relevance, and the number of backlinks created.

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3. Aim for things that matter

Your competitor may use several competitive keywords that help them to rank higher. Instead, aim at the keywords that will bring more significant advantages to your revenue. It is always best to seek the smaller, relevant pool of keywords and Excel instead of using several keywords with the risk of draining you out of the efforts.

Sift through the keywords and come up with those that’ll give you the highest Return on

Always go through the keywords and arrive at the ones that assure you of a more significant ROI or Return on Investment. Identifying the high-profile products or services and ranking them with the right keywords will help bring the relevant traffic to them and the related products. 

You can begin with structuring quality content for your competitors. When SEO competitor analysis is done successfully, everything involves leveraging and identifying the competitor’s areas that are not exploited.

4. Use and identify the weaknesses of your competitor 

You should never aim at your analysis across areas where the competitors are performing well; however, it also depends on the gaps in their strategies. The weaknesses are the best opportunity to get a competitive edge over them after you are at part with them across the areas. It can enhance your site with ease of navigation, better visuals, or unique content.

5. Perform Regular Audits & Track progress

After you identify the areas that make the other businesses rank higher than yours and their weaknesses, it involves taking the requisite measures for improving your SEO and never forgetting to keep track of your performance. You should realize that your efforts work the best for you whenever you are wrong. Tracking can also help you understand where you are meeting your SEO competitor analysis aim.


It may not be easier for you to conduct the SEO competitor analysis; however, it can significantly benefit your business. Therefore, you can get help from SEO site audit services, which can help your ranking and appear higher on the SERPs. 

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