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How To Improve Your SAT Writing Score?

Our SAT programs are personalized to meet the necessities of all kinds of learners, and more prominently, to meet the aspirations of students.

Our Focus is on your Score Improvement

Once you have enrolled in our SAT coaching classes in Noida you can visit our center as we would be taking an analytic test that will degree your aptitude and other test-taking skills. You will be in the hands of our enthusiastic, proficient teachers whose only importance is to see that your score progresses and your target score and ambition are achieved.

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How To Improve Your SAT Writing Score?

Our Test Prep Highpoints

  • Outstanding teachers: Our SAT preparation in Noida have teachers who are certified through a hard certification process which is followed by a multi-tiered abstract enrichment program that starts their credentials as trainers of a world-class and you can visit our classes to get better training from them.
  • Guidance in Striding the test: Special time-tested techniques to progress your speed and accuracy on SAT exam
  • Thorough Test Feedback:  Tailored in-depth score report provided with answer clarifications for each question to guarantee your continuous score improvement on SAT exam.
  • Easy access: The trainers can have easy access to the materials during, and even after your course completion.
  • Intensively explored material based on up-to-date SAT trends taught by skilled teachers
  • Limitless extra help including test performance review obtainable throughout the course period
How To Improve Your SAT Writing Score

Our SAT Coaching in Noida

We provide tailored training to help you to get the best scores on SAT. Our SAT coaching in Noida covers all features and sections of the exams and comprises a comprehensive set of best study materials and SAT test papers as mock tests.

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We guarantee that expert faculty is available to help students on a more individual, one-on-one level. Students are often encouraged to approach their coaches at any time with their questions or with any difficulties they have.

Once you get your scores, we provide admissions counseling sessions that will help you to use your scores to attain the highest quality university possible.

We also help with whole-assistance in choosing colleges, editing the essays, filling out the applications, and preparing for your interviews.

About our SAT preparation classes in Noida

We are one of the top academies for SAT preparation in Noida. We are dedicated to promoting brilliance and quality in education. We aid the students with detailed preparation for SAT, and more with the detailed process of the students getting acknowledged into the best universities of their choice.

SAT measures a person’s Mathematics, Reading, and Writing skills. The test helps Undergraduate Universities to measure the potential of the applicants for progressive studies. Many Universities in the US, while inviting requests from prospective students, ask for their SAT scores.

SAT is completely a paper-based Test and it is scored on a total of 1600. SAT score is one of the main factors to get admission into a graduate university of your choice.

The Scoring scale for SAT

 The mathematics section is counted on a scale of 200-800 and the critical Reading section is counted on a scale of 200-800. The essay is counted separately on a scale of 2-8 and the whole SAT test score ranges from 400-1600

Advantages of SAT Scoring Scale

  • It does not penalize the students for guessing the wrong answer, so students have the chance to benefit even if they are not certain about an answer.
  • Students can determine where they can progress their performance by looking at the particulars on the redesigned score report.
  • The essay part is non-compulsory

Want to get joined in the best SAT preparation center in Noida?

If you are interested in joining the best SAT and if you want to know more about our SAT programs, please visit our Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd center in Noida or you can feel free to give us a call if you want to enquire any details.

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