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Is Canada Expensive For International Students?

Living thousands of kilometers away from your home can be quite a challenging experience. You have to juggle between your studies and household work. Additionally, you have to become fully independent and competent to tackle the new responsibilities and challenges.

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Thus, it is normal to suffer from homesickness while living in Canada. You will be missing your family, your bed, and all other little details that you would have failed to even notice when you were at home.

But despite all these students still move to Canada as it guarantees a safe and bright career for them. So, one major problem students face during their stay in Canada is their inability to manage funds properly.

Budget and proper financial planning are crucial when you decide to move to Canada. Canada has often been touted as a  cheap destination for studies but many students after moving to Canada claim this to be a lie.

They struggle hard to adjust to the new lifestyle and find Canada too expensive. In this article, we will determine the reasons behind this conception. So, if you have made up your mind to study in Canada then you should connect with the most reliable Canada visa consultants to guide you through the visa application process smoothly.

Now, read this article to get a clear picture of the costs of studying in Canada-

Accommodation costs

Students spend a significant amount on finding the right accommodation. In fact, costs incurred on accommodation form a major part of the expenses of the students. But you can save on accommodation costs by following some tips. First of all, you need to choose the accommodation which is nearest to your college.

This is important as it will help you save on transportation costs. You can commute on foot to and fro your college and thus save a considerable amount of money. Moreover, the accommodation costs depend on the location.

You can find a room for 500 C$  near St. Catherines and other areas located away from Toronto. Now choosing to live in the interior locations of Toronto will cost you much more. So, accommodation costs vary a lot and depend on many factors. Choose the most cost-effective option

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Food And Groceries 

Furthermore, talking about food and groceries the average prices for every item will be quite higher than what you’ll find in India. But prices of daily consumption items like bread, eggs, milk, etc aren’t too high.

You can purchase all these for under 10 C$. If you have the habit of eating out frequently then it can increase your expenses by leaps and bounds. So, if you cook food at home and eat it you can save a good amount of money.

Also, avoid overspending money on purchasing unnecessary grocery items. To give you an idea about the food prices in Canada refer to the below table-

Name and quantity of an itemPrice in Canadian dollarsPrice converted into INR
Milk (1 liter)2120
Bread (1 packet)2120
Rice (1kg)2120
Butter ( 1 packet)5300
Chicken (1kg)7420
Eggs (1 dozen)4240

The figures have been rounded off for better clarity. Actual prices can differ by some margins. Also, the prices vary from location to location. If you are getting a good college in less populated areas then that can help you cut costs. The prices of services and goods will be lower in rural and less populated areas.

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Tuition fees

Furthermore talking about the tuition fees, then it is important to mention that the fees charged by colleges in Canada are less than what universities in other countries charge. For an undergraduate course, you need to shell out a sum of 6-10 lakhs. The fees depend on the university and the type of course chosen.

Talking about budget-friendly courses, you can opt for courses in the humanities field. But if you wish to study medicine or engineering then it can cost between 15-20 lakhs. Don’t worry about the high fees. You can opt for scholarship programs. Just carefully read the criteria of the scholarship program. So, if you meet the conditions then apply for it.

Also, education in Canada is cheaper than that in other countries like the USA, UK, Europe, etc. Therefore, if you want to study abroad then you should definitely consider Canada in the first place.


To wrap it up, Canada is undoubtedly the best destination to pursue further education. Also, it offers several perks and benefits to the student community.  Often some students put their dreams on hold as they don’t have a complete idea about the expenses in Canada. So, we hope this article provided you with insights into expenses and managing your budget properly while moving to Canada.

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